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Offers effective, compassionate and evidence based treatment for Anxiety Disorders, phobias, OCD and BFRBs (e.g. hairpulling, skin picking, etc) in Brunswick, Maine.

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I offer individual counseling to people 16 years and older who are experiencing anxiety related disorders, phobias and obsessive compulsive spectrum disorders including body focused repetitive behaviors such as trichotillomania (hair pulling) and skin picking disorder (excoriation). Using CBT, ACT, and ERP we will work together to overcome the fears, worries, intrusive thoughts and behaviors that have been consuming your time and attention and will give you the opportunity to fully engage in your life.

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Your child may be experiencing anxiety if they are having difficulty sleeping or relaxing, are feeling irritable, or are uncomfortable around peers. Children with separation anxiety often want to be close to their caregiver or will seek frequent contact or reassurance from them. Those with social anxiety tend not to want to do things in public or engage in social risk taking without a friend or parent whose presence helps them feel calm. Other times anxiety is more general and shows up as excessive worrying. I use developmentally appropriate and engaging strategies along with a sense of humor when working with children and teens.

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Anxiety in adults takes on many forms. It can keep us awake with a busy mind when we really want to be sleeping. Pervasive worry, difficulty relaxing, poor concentration, and a sense of dread may all be symptoms of anxiety in adults. It can also show up as procrastination and perfectionism. Panic attacks and fear related to being in public or crowded spaces can make anxiety life limiting for adults.  I use a variety of evidence based treatments (e.g. CBT, ACT, ERP) when working with adults with anxiety disorders, phobias and OCD related disorders.

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I have been practicing clinical social work since 2012 when I earned a Master's of Social Work degree at the University of New England. I have been employed as a home and community treatment clinician, school-based clinical social worker and integrated behavioral health clinician in both primary and specialty care settings.  In 2019, I established my private practice where I enjoy focusing my clinical attention on anxiety disorders, OCD and BFRBs. I thoroughly enjoy my work and am passionate about social justice and issues of access to healthcare. 

I am a professional member of National Association of Social Workers, Association for Contextual Behavioral Sciences and International OCD Foundation. 

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37 Mill Street
Brunswick, Maine 04011

(207) 489 - 4043

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